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Monday, March 3, 2008


White people don't like cigarettes. They think smoking is a disgusting habit in which they are far too intelligent to participate. Because white people know better, they will not hesitate to educate any smokers they come in contact with about how stupid they are. Often times this is done using the information they've learned from the TRUTH commercials.

Ironically, smoking was once a staple in the white community. Schools and offices had smoking rooms and the habit was thought to cause no harmful side effects. Now, white people know better and spit on smokers, banishing them to the outskirts of society. When eating in a restaurant or drinking at a bar, do not make the mistake of lighting up in a designated non-smoking area. You will be severely chastised by at least one brave white person while the rest sneer at you as if you just farted.

The only smokers whites accept without judgment are celebrities--particularly legitimate actors or members of rock bands. Why? Because white people believe that smoking makes these types of people cool and edgy; without smoking, they will lose some of their authenticity-- a very important quality that white people admire. Therefore, its ok to a white person that Sean Penn, for example, smokes a pack a day. He's killing himself, but it's part of his craft.

btw: Even Barack Obama knows white people don't like cigarettes and forced himself to quit smoking before the primaries


Anonymous said...

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eji said...

damn, youre wrong.

go to europe, everyone smokes there!

and besides I am white and i do smoke.