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Friday, February 29, 2008


White people don't like being sunburned. It's hot, it itches, and it makes you feel like you're rubbing your body down with sandpaper when you try to towel off after showering. Anyone vacationing with a white person will no doubt witness one of two different approaches to skin care.

The first approach involves extreme caution. This type of white person is NOT going to risk it and will make themselves look like an ass on the beach before they are forced to peel their skin off a week later. Wide brimmed hats, excessive application of sunscreen that is not rubbed in, and frequent trips inside are all mandatory. This person is easily identifiable not only by their outfit but also by their involvement with everyone else's approach to sun protection. Note that these types of white people are usually older but on rare exceptions can be younger if the particular person happens to be fiendishly pale.

The second approach involves no care at all. This type of person throws caution to the wind when they venture outside. It's a stubborn attitude that is no doubt brought on by the frustration that a melanin deficient body provides. Too many trips to the store for aloe vera can wear on a person. Go to the beach with this type of white person and after offering them the SPF 35 you may hear a wide array of responses:

"No thanks. I get burned every year and I'm convinced there is nothing I can do about it. Plus, deep down I think I look a little better in my beach clothes beet red than I do pale."

"What are you kidding? I don't need sunscreen. I know I'm pale 12 months out of the year but I swear I can tan pretty easily".

"Leave me alone. I'm on vacation damn it and I payed a lot of money for this Sandals resort package."

btw: the first approach is usually adopted after multiple experiences with the second approach

also btw: all the pictures on the Sandals website are of white people

Life Without Prescription Drugs

White people don't like living without prescription drugs. In fact, white people can't function without them. Painkillers, sleeping pills, mood elevators, boner pills, allergy pills, birth control pills, acne pills--white people think that they are dependent on these tiny little miracles for their happiness.

Why are they so obesessed with self-medication? Perhaps because the habit starts early when little white children are told they need to take a pill every day so that mommy doesnt rip her face off. Or maybe its because white people's televisions are overloaded with images of happy old people in tubs and talking cartoon bees telling them that life can't go on without their product.

Whatever the reason, white people feed a multi-billion dollar industry every time they pay money to recieve a prescription from their drug dealer...I mean doctor. Doctors get richer, drug compaines get richer, and white people couldn't be happier.

The Church's Chicken Franchise

Puzzling as it is, white people don't like Church's Chicken. This doesn't make sense because white people love fried chicken. It is a staple at all cookouts and outdoor gatherings that white people attend. (i.e. America, Fuck Yea! 4th of July parties). White people everywhere have at one point in their lives torn into a juicy drumstick with satisfaction. In fact, every white person reading this right now is thinking about how good a piece of fried chicken would be, whether they want to admit it or not.

Yet, the good people at Church's have never seemed to draw the white community into their establishments. 9 out of 10 people in a Church's are black and the 10th guy wishes he was black. Instead of eating at Church's, white people opt for KFC when they want fried chicken. But who can blame them-- those god damn bowls are phenomenal.

btw: Corporate america has clearly caught on to the fact that white people don't like Church's and do not include them in their commercials. See here and here.

update: I found
a Church's commercial that has a white person in it. You decide if it looks like he's been there before.