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Friday, February 29, 2008

The Church's Chicken Franchise

Puzzling as it is, white people don't like Church's Chicken. This doesn't make sense because white people love fried chicken. It is a staple at all cookouts and outdoor gatherings that white people attend. (i.e. America, Fuck Yea! 4th of July parties). White people everywhere have at one point in their lives torn into a juicy drumstick with satisfaction. In fact, every white person reading this right now is thinking about how good a piece of fried chicken would be, whether they want to admit it or not.

Yet, the good people at Church's have never seemed to draw the white community into their establishments. 9 out of 10 people in a Church's are black and the 10th guy wishes he was black. Instead of eating at Church's, white people opt for KFC when they want fried chicken. But who can blame them-- those god damn bowls are phenomenal.

btw: Corporate america has clearly caught on to the fact that white people don't like Church's and do not include them in their commercials. See here and here.

update: I found
a Church's commercial that has a white person in it. You decide if it looks like he's been there before.


Pavlaugh said...

"In fact, every white person reading this right now is thinking about how good a piece of fried chicken would be."

You read my mind! Freaky.

msgotrox said...

Are you outta your mind?! White people & fried chicken do not go together no matter which corporate logo is on the *ahem* bucket it is served in. Gag!

Thomas said...

There are not any in my neighborhood. Before I went vegetarian, I went into a Church's now and again when there was one about.

Trexler said...

This is funny because I lived most of my life under the assumption that my father was the only white person that loves Church's Chicken.

ytdontplay said...

White folks(Irish,Scottish) invented
fried chicken,chitterlings, and rock and rool. Blacks stole it from them.

ytdontplay said...

White people(Irish,Scottish) invented fried chicken,chitterlings, and Rock and Roll. Black folks stole it from them.

Pie Piet said...

obviously this whole blog is a joke, but this post got under my skin.

I love fried chicken and churches is one of the best. I ran them thusly:

churches > popeyes > kfc

you can have your stupid racist blog, but why drag churches into it?