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Friday, February 29, 2008

Life Without Prescription Drugs

White people don't like living without prescription drugs. In fact, white people can't function without them. Painkillers, sleeping pills, mood elevators, boner pills, allergy pills, birth control pills, acne pills--white people think that they are dependent on these tiny little miracles for their happiness.

Why are they so obesessed with self-medication? Perhaps because the habit starts early when little white children are told they need to take a pill every day so that mommy doesnt rip her face off. Or maybe its because white people's televisions are overloaded with images of happy old people in tubs and talking cartoon bees telling them that life can't go on without their product.

Whatever the reason, white people feed a multi-billion dollar industry every time they pay money to recieve a prescription from their drug dealer...I mean doctor. Doctors get richer, drug compaines get richer, and white people couldn't be happier.


May Burma said...

I agree with you, be careful of side effects of the pills

George Weiss said...

hmm what white people don't not like-this belongs on the other blog

Cindy Dy said...

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